Welcome to The LIfe of Royce…

Kia Ora all.
This blog is going to blow your mind.
I would say “literally” but I won’t. The disdain some people seem to feel towards this word, when whatever proceeds the “literally” usually shouldn’t be taken in a literal sense, shocks me… literally.
“I literally died”. No you didn’t. You’re here talking to me, telling me a stupid story in an unacceptable manner.
And don’t get me started with “random”. “That was so random”. No it wasn’t. That guy with the outlandish haircut MEANT to take off his pants and do a robot dance in the middle of the bowling alley. It was pre-planned. It was pretty crazy. But NOT “random”.
Anyhow, this blog is not meant to bring people down. In fact, I am very good friends with people that abuse both those terms of phrase… and more.

This blog is here to entertain, but also to bore. It is here to inspire, but all to dissuade. It is here to motivate, but also to… de-motivate.
I do realize that, most likely, next to no-one will read this. This should help with any potential embarrassment from my behalf. Join on my journey through life.
Friday’s are awesome. Today’s Friday. Today is awesome. Go the All Blacks tomorrow!

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1 Response to Welcome to The LIfe of Royce…

  1. Excellent, bookmarked 🙂

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