A Sport & Alcohol Combo… Up-sized

Moot point – That alcohol should be present when the viewing of sports occur.

I would hope that, should a debate on the above moot point occur, I would be captain of the team debating the affirmative.

Case in point: Last night’s All Black game. The drive from Auckland to Hamilton takes 1-1.5 hours. A grown man can drink quite a few beers in this amount of time. I am a grown man. You do the math.

Needless to say that, by the time my mate and I were seated at the game, we were all rather merry. Father Christmas would be far-pressed to prove he could be merrier. Due to our merriment there was a lot of shouting at Welsh supporters (The AB’s played Wales), abusing of the referee and general banter. Eighty-odd minutes later I realised that, despite the merriment experienced by all, the game had actually been pretty crap. This spark of realisation was revolutionary! Beer had made my $50 ticket (almost) worth it!

So, despite a few thoughts to the contrary from others, I had very much enjoyed my night.

Try and tell me alcohol doesn’t make sporting events more fun. Go on.

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