Fatimas, Ponsonby

Feed me Fatimas is the catch cry.

After much hoo-ha, many recommendations and further encouragement from various parties, Amber and I went to Fatimas in Ponsonby for our inaugural monthly date night (This was supposed to start in January but, due to the advancement of our extra-curricular schedule, I managed to squeeze in August by going out the night of Tues 31st).

Fatimas has two outlets, one in Ponsonby and another over the bridge in Takapuna. More of a takeaway-outlet-slash-sparsely-seated diner than flash restaurant, Fatimas does pitas, “charwarmas” and their unanimously-agreed-upon “Pièce de résistance”, the potato koftas! These are like little hash brown pom poms and are fantastic with Fatimas aioli.

We both got pitas and enjoyed them immensely. Ams took half an hour to choose her Satay Chicken. I closed my eyes, prodded my finger at the menu and ended up with… something I didn’t want… so I moved my finger and ended up ordering the Crisp Chick. We managed to find one of the three tables available on a busy Tuesday night and awaited our food.

The verdict? 

One half of me thought Fatimas was a slightly-over-priced kebab joint that distinguished itself by having staff members wearing black t-shirts that said “Koftas? Yea… Nah… Yea” and had slightly funny radio ads, BUT the resounding other half of me enjoyed chilling with the hip Ponsonby crowd on a school night, eating toasted pitas off a metal tray and slugging back a $4 L&P – priced as such because it came in a retro-style glass bottle. I’m assuming these go straight into the recycling bin?

Check it out the menu at http://www.fatimas.co.nz/. Give it a go. Let me know.

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  1. Dan says:

    Nice blog royce. Looks sharp too. Well done. Speak to you shortly. Dan.

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