Deus Ex Machina and the GC

For those not yet acquainted with Deus Ex Machina, and its exceptional blend of good coffee, comfortable couches, amazingly cool motorbikes and general awesomeness, YOU are in for a real treat.

For those of you that are familiar with “Deus”, and have become accustomed to shortening its name as such, you will already know of the wonderments contained within the re-furbished surroundings of the warehouse Deus resides. And for that, I can only imagine you are already pretty darn stoked AND truly grateful.

To digress a little, I would like to point out that Deus is the weekly meeting venue for a group of like-minded, entrepreneurial and chilled out young professionals (or “GC’s” ) dubbed “The GC”. “The General Committee” has yet to change the world, make any money or establish themselves as a front-running candidate for Most Successful Start-Up BUT, in my humble opinion, would give all candidates for Most-Awesomest-Friday-Breakfast-Group-in-Central-Auckland-City a run for their money. Numbering five thus far, we meet at 7am, order whatever tickles each of our respective fancy’s, and settle in for an hour of pontification, brainstorming and general banter. In terms of real investment-yielding productivity… watch this space. In the meantime, the company, the surroundings and the abundance of quality, caffeine-rich beverages have more than made up for this.

As for Deus, it’s plain awesome. Located in Shed 5, 90 Wellesley St, Auckland, Deus reeks of creativity, retro avant-garde and, above all else, fantastic marketing. With a huge array of Deus Ex Machina branded clothing for sale and some of the best, strongest coffee you’ll find around, patrons are spoilt for choice as to how best to spend their hard-earned pay. From the “Toast & Jam – $6.50” to the “Big Breakfast – $16”, all appetites are catered for and all budgets are usually cast aside in favour of treating oneself.  The service varies by waitperson, as some prefer to maintain an air of casual, indifferent “coolness” and others readily engage in the act of smiling and politely enquiring why young men, such as us, persevere with indulging in Earl Grey.

For those earning above the median, old-school style motorbikes, hand built on-site and displayed around the room/warehouse, are for sale and are also available to be ordered to make. These are truly, truly amazing and (despite my lack of engineering knowledge and general ignorance of the internal combustion engine) I find myself marveling at the sheer beauty of these machines.

The juxtaposition of these engineering marvels against a relaxed, arty and welcoming café/retail setting is almost perfectly balanced.

Is Deus a hidden gem in the concrete jungle of the city? Or simply a cog in an Australian-founded marketing machine? That’s up to the individual. For mine, Deus is definitely the former.

Check out the awesomeness at

N.B. “Deus” is pronounced “Day-uss”.

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