The Flying Moa, Mt Wellington

Challenged with the need to watch the Warriors game and have a sit-down dinner with the flatties, a number of alternatives were immediately ruled out. Indecisiveness was rife until we all decided that a pub-type setting was the only way everyone was going to be happy. The girls could have there outing and sit down for a meal and the guys could watch the footy.

The Flying Moa is situated in the new(ish) development on Lunn Ave in Mt Wellington, at the end of a string of restaurants offering Thai, Indian etc. And it is a pretty sweet setting to chill out on a Sunday afternoon in the sun or, in this case, sit down at a table, have a mean feed of pork ribs (with the novelty of your meal being served on a chopping board), a few pitchers of Speights Summit and watch the Warriors teach the Eels how to play league on one of the many TV’s. As an aside, the Warriors are on fire at the moment!!

The ribs were awesome. Rather than spend all night grappling with stringy pork and using any spare moment to extract said pork from between my teeth, the pork on these beauties slid off the bone easily, minimal gristle and enough meat to satisfy the most carnivorous of diners. A number of beers are available in “pitchers” which works out cheaper than glass by glass, as long as everyone agrees on what beer to drink.

Good selection of beverages and a very decent menu providing for those of us who are herbivores and/or have intolerance to gluten. They also have stone-grill meals where you cook your own on a slab of hot stone, which the resident chef must love people ordering.

Overall the Flying Moa delivers well. Back-lit beer handles adorn the ceiling, retro-style lamp shades with long tendril-like additions are fixed over dining tables, wooden leaners provide a resting place for the drinks of regulars and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Very much a mixed crowd, but I’ll be back again. Some time.

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