Melba Café, Ellerslie

It has been quite some time since my initial foray into café snobbery. In fact, I struggle to remember the first time I looked at a Coffee menu and wondered out loud what the respective differences were between Lattes, Cappuccinos and Flat Whites. I wasn’t even sure why I wanted a coffee, let alone how much milk, froth or “shots” my chosen coffee would entail. I vaguely remember choosing a Cappuccino purely based on its awesome-sounding name and then getting confused as to why I would want cinnamon sprinkled on my coffee.

Nowadays I’m strictly “Large Flat White – No Sugar” nine times out of ten with the remainder being “Bowls” of Latte. Almost interesting huh? I would almost argue that a person’s coffee choice defines some aspect of their character but I’ve been proven wrong all too often on that count.

Speaking of Latte Bowls and counting – Melba do the best ever Latte. They’re good at counting too. Just ask and they’ll show you.

Perched on the main drag through Ellerslie Village, Melba is something of an institution to any self-respecting Ellerslie-ite… Ellerslian… Ellers… anyone who lives and/or works in Ellerslie. This is mostly because of their great coffee, exceptional service, fantastic food (“All Day” Breakfast AND Lunch), but partly because the alternative cafes (Especially Sierra & Columbus) are average at best and have far inferior service AND coffee.

I can’t speak highly enough of Melba OR recommend a particular food item. This is probably because I’ve been there for breakfast, brunch or lunch far too many times and ordered something different every time. But, as mentioned before, the food is fantastic and the coffee even better.

Give the omelette a go… NO, the Melba Grill… NO, the lasagne……….

Melba – 5/5

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