The End of an Awesome Era

In stark contrast to our name (and in an attempt to gain a psychological advantage – via reverse psychology – over any prospective opposition), the collective efforts (in terms of cricketing proweress) of Team Awesome in the indoor cricket arena have been far from awesome. We’ve lost far more games than we’ve won, suffered a number of painful (and somewhat hilarious) injuries through general “dickheaded-ness” and almost lost our voices a number of times from shouting obscenities… at ourselves.

In short, any lack of skill or historical success in the sport of cricket has been more than made up for in overall awesomeness.

In an effort to broaden my range of extra-curricular activities I decided to start an indoor cricket team in March of this year. I assumed that my many hours of “rolling the arm over” in the backyard would put me in good stead to compete with other, more-seasoned, cricketers, and the initial enthusiasm expressed from mates, cousins and mates of mates was also motivating. Two seasons of “social” indoor cricket, numerous angry bat-throws, a few well-deserved victories (and a few well-deserved thumpings) and approximately two squillion wides bowled later… I have mixed emotions.

Yes, we won our semi-final last night. I’ve never seen the guys hit the wickets so many times and put in so much effort. But also, yes, the grade we ended up playing in consisted of the bottom six teams that were separated from the top half of the bottom of three grades… Basically, we’re among the best of the worst. Yes, “among”, not yet the BEST of the worst… we’ll have to see how Sunday night’s Z-grade final goes.

Throughout the two seasons there have been some definite highlights and lowlights. Some, such as the not-to-be-named-but-those-who-know-me-know-who-he-or-she-is player who got hit square in the most undesired part of a male’s anatomy at pace off a sweetly-timed forward cut shot, was a highlight for everyone but a lowlight for that person. Needless to say that those who hadn’t already invested in a box by that time made sure they took advantage of the next Rebel Sport’s sale. Another highlight was the incessant banter that emanated from Team Awesome when we were batting. At least 99% (there or thereabouts) of this “friendly banter” was directed at the two Team Awesomers who were batting, but it’s fair to say the opposition didn’t get away with much.  General bad displays of skill, technique and ability to throw, hit or do anything with a ball were lambasted with insults and mockery. As were some poor choices in cricket attire – a t-shirt saying “get me a sandwich” was met with a number of loud rhetorical calls for someone to “get that man a sandwich”. Ingenious calls made at our own team-mates include “You suck”, “Play good you dick” and “Dont get out”.

But overall, comradery was (fairly) high, a few beers were drunk before and after games and many opponents seemed to appreciate our predictably relaxed approach. An approach that was chosen and honed after losing by at least 200 runs in our first two games… we’ve come a long way since then.

Bring on the final! Apparently the winning team gets beers…

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