Union Post Brewbar, Ellerslie

Let’s face it. The old Francollis bar in Ellerslie was a bit… poo.

It was passable as a place for a local ‘Ellerslian’ to have the occasional beer and give the occasional pub quiz a crack, but it was dark, gloomy (yet loud) and about as inviting as a Dettol bath after falling through a blackberry bush… twice. It was also (sometimes) a preferable option to the Cock ‘n Bull around the corner. Then, when a lick of paint was applied earlier this year and they re-named it “The Post House” (in a vague attempt to draw it’s heritage into the mix), things started to look a little better but the staff still refused to even pretend to care or attempt a smile, and it was still… average at best.

Neighbourhood Bar, Kingsland

Now, after many weeks refurbishing, Mac’s have obviously poured some money in the owner’s pocket and the place is looking great. The interior is cleaner and looks less like it needs ten tonne of Spray ‘n Wipe, the bar has been completely redone to provide more space front-of-house and the old restaurant area has been demolished to make room for a laxy outdoor area to enjoy a cold beer in the summer sun. The Union Post copies a clear winning formula from other Mac’s bars (I.e. The Northern Steamship on Quay Street and Neighbourhood in Kingsland) and has the usual retro-slash-natural-slash-modern fit-out complete with all Mac’s beers on tap (funny that), upside down lamps and long-winded messages painted on walls. The menus at the bar are set inside old LP covers which I thought was pretty cool and the back of the bar has old-school postboxes lined up to complete the “postal” theme. Also, the staff are friendly and helpful, quite an improvement, and much better than my experience with Frowny McFrown Frown at the Mac’s Brewery Bar in Wellington…

Get in early for the lunch-time rush and grab a seat in the sun (also ensure you’re near an umbrella so you can circum-navigate the table as the sun moves overhead) for a chilled-out afternoon. The food is pretty good too – pizzas are the way to go (or for a cheaper option run across the road for a sly pie from Richoux Patisserie – best pies in Ellerslie!). Chur.

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1 Response to Union Post Brewbar, Ellerslie

  1. Dan says:

    no one likes a frown. let along a frowny mcfrown frown.

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