Kiwi Christmas 2010

Yep, the chronological wheel has revolved an entire year. And we find ourselves in the midst of after-work drinks, desperately last-minute gift shopping, sleep deprivation and joining the squillions of Aucklanders fleeing their hometown for a more laidback piece of the NZ landscape. Tickets are bought ahead for the plethora of summer gigs and mini-festivals (as they really only can be in NZ), booze becomes a bigger portion of your supermarket docket-total and family get-togethers are interspersed with beach visits, pub lunches and BBQ’s. Summer is fantastic.

2010 has been a great one. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. But what doesn’t kill you… leaves you a little injured, but definitely wiser. Looking back at the year that was, here’s some recommendations for an even better 2011:

1. Make a list of things “To Do” in 2011

Cliché huh? But it works! Among other things this year (all on my list) I walked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, bought a mountain bike, spent a week in Raro and learnt more about photography, beer and Voltaren Rapid 25’s. All small things, but great fun. Next year (without sounding all selfless and “look at me, I’m awesome”-ish) I may include things I can do… for others. Oh, isn’t that nice.

2. Find some awesome music and listen the sh*t out of entire albums

The key word is “find”. You’re very rarely going to come across any decent music with substance if you’re continually exposed to the conveyor-belt of mass-produced “pop” music that dominates most Top 20 charts. Talk to friends, google music, buy some good headphones and relax. Better yet – learn how to play an instrument. I’ve been “learning” the guitar for about 12 years…

3. Travel

Big Day Out - Auckland

Get out and about – even just out of town. Go somewhere you’ve never been before, and if that means Opotiki… find somewhere else quick smart. If you can get the time off and save up enough – go to a country you’ve never been to. The virtues of travel cannot be underestimated. Get a ticket to Blues, Brews & BBQ’s, The Big Day Out or any one of the many gigs/concerts coming up. Do it.

4. Chill out

Harder said than done sometimes. Winter has a habit of getting to people, as does stress from work, relationships and general life etc. This can all build up and the release is not usually pretty. Get a monthly massage, climb a hill, build a bridge (haha see what I did there…) or simply take a moment to realize it could all be a sh*tload worse. Of all the awesome things out there, LIFE is a clear #1.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone!

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1 Response to Kiwi Christmas 2010

  1. Dan says:

    Inspirational stuff mr sharplin, I’ll take some of your advice for sure! catch ya soon pal

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