Resolutions, Awesome People & The Little Things in LIfe

This year I’ve re-discovered how awesome Frujus are and, in particular, the Grapefruit & Lemon flavour. And, speaking of “this year” It is around this time I waste precious moments of people’s lives by adopting the annual “I haven’t eaten/done/performed/attempted (insert food, activity, etc etc) ALL YEAR!” jokes, begin contemplating the beneficial effects of a detox diet (whilst vowing to remain in holiday mode throughout the remaining months of summer…) and start feeling parts of my frontal anatomy (that had previously remained somewhat stationary) shake and wobble as I walk/run/amble/waddle.

Since Christmas Eve my stomach region and I have developed an insane ability to retain enormous amounts of food and alcohol. I’m not proud to say that, since sometime mid-December, I have yet to have an alcohol-free day. And, as much as I do love beer and wine, I’d be kidding myself thinking it hasn’t added to both my waistline and my ability to cognitively process anything… at all. This has brought about New Year’s resolution #1 – shed those recently acquired 3-4 kilograms.

A good mate’s blog post (check it out here, thanks Paul) brought about today’s post, which struck me as both heartfelt and pertinent (haha… “pert”). It made me start looking back at the year that was, assessing life’s wonderful state and looking ahead to make the most of times to come. And it’s in this rare philosophical state of mind (rare for me anyway) that I urge all my friends, family and any other poor sucker who finds themselves reading this, to cherish the little things in life. I know this is easier said than done sometimes, but I reckon there’s an easier way to realising how good you’ve got it NOW, as opposed to finding this out after having it all taken away. Yep, this does sound a little bit “wishy washy” but it’s far too true to ignore.

 I enjoy taking delight at the little things. Things like Frujus. Things like yummy flat whites and big, delicious beers. Also, things like nature, good music, a walk around the Mount, ladybugs, comfy couches, fart noises and debating the merits of waiting out the crappy radio song that’s currently playing on the car stereo, in hope that the next song is awesome, with my awesome, gorgeous girlfriend Amber (xo).

I once read that too many people spend ALL their time focussing on one big achievement or goal that, once completed, would make them ultimately happy. While I totally agree that setting and achieving goals is definitely important, I find it can be all too easy to lose sight of the present moment. My Mum (R.I.P.) once painted on my grandmother’s shed “Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And don’t forget to smell the flowers”. As well as probably getting told off for painting green writing over top of Grandma’s white garden shed, Mum stated simply that we should all take a step back from our busy lives and enjoy the simple things. Just like any journey, often the ride is just as enjoyable as the destination. Aim high and go far, by all means, but gain happiness from the little things along the way – and from the people around you.

People are awesome. Don’t get me wrong, people can be dicks. People can be nasty and evil and just plain dumb. But these people have more to worry about than us non-dicks. They have to worry about being dicks… and that’s enough to ease my mind about remaining ignorant (and somewhat naive) to their course in life. The people that are awesome are you and I, our families, friends and friends’ families and our families’ friends and, when you do the math; there are far more awesome people than there are dicks in this awesome world of ours. And that is truly something to cherish and give rise to realising that time on earth is short… and that time with these awesome people is even shorter. Make the most of good company.

Wow. This has all been enough of an explosion of philosophical thought and potential self-fulfilment for one day. I could really do with a Grapefruit & Lemon Fruju. Enjoy the little things and spend time with awesome people. Peace.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. In the UK I noticed a sign at Nero Coffee that said “Try our new Flat Whites” as if they’d just invented them. Oh how I wish they knew about flat whites when I was there 3 years ago!

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