Bonjah, Illuminati, Tauranga

As I slowly creep out of holiday mode I’m realising all the cool things (no matter how small) I did & saw over the course of my two weeks off work and realize that… these need to be shared! If not only to show I’m not a complete anti-socialite, but to inform you all of good bands, happy times and the need to get out and seize the goldfish… Carpe Diem? Things like scaling Mount Maunganui, going mountain biking in the Redwoods, checking out a 20Twenty cricket match and rolley polleys down a grass hill…

Crappy jokes aside, there is a way cool reggae/funk/roots/good-times band that has humble Tauranga beginnings that is currently taking Melbourne (and the rest of Australia) by storm. Bonjah also picked up a nomination from Rolling Stone Magazine for Best Blues & Roots Artist as well as having two songs nominated for APRA’s Best Blues & Roots Work recognising the band as one of Australasia’s best songwriters of the last 18 months! These guys have a serious knack for writing up-beat, catchy and well-written songs and have supported big names such as The Who and Counting Crows.

They played a “one night only” gig to a crowd full of long-time friends at Illuminati bar in Tauranga on December 27th and had the (slightly small) crowd jumping from the get go. More of a reunion for selected Tauranga Boy’s & Girl’s Colleges than anything, Bonjah provide a live performance well worthy of a higher door charge ($10 at the door that night) and obviously love what they do well. I don’t remember any other facial expression than a smile on each of their faces all night.

Their album “Until Dawn” is well worth checking out too, but be prepared (when you eventually see them live – which I advise doing before they hit the big time and ticket prices quadruple) for the recorded versions of their songs to be overwhelmed and exponentially bettered by the live versions. These guys are ones to watch!

Check out there myspace page here.

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