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1-day.co.nz screenshot

This is all getting just a tiny bit crazy. Just a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for small-to-medium-sized, NZ-owned, start-up companies sparking an economic boost via one-day specials and mutually-advantageous consumerism BUT, this is all getting a little out of hand. From humble beginnings, capitalizing off large business’ need to “fob” off excess stock, to an every-man-and-his-dog-jumping-on-the-bandwagon of crazy “while stocks last” deals, I just can’t keep up.

I remember discovering 1-day.co.nz quite some time ago, probably through a friend, and thinking “genius!!” – Excess stock in any retail environment is always an issue. What better way to rid yourself of this problem than crank some crazy pricing and sell, sell, sell?

I was hooked. Every day at 12pm new deals would roll around, valid until stock ran out or until 12pm the following day, whichever came first. In fact, for quite some time now, 1-day.co.nz has been the foremost source of underwear for me… and stupid gadgets that last all of 10 minutes before breaking, malfunctioning or disintegrating completely. In the end, I had to leave my credit card at home so I didn’t jump at a “deal” and wind up buying a 200-piece First Aid kit for $25 that I (hopefully) wouldn’t need.

1-day pretty much started this online revolution and inspired copy-cat versions such as 3deals.co.nz, dealaday.co.nz, snatchadeal.co.nz, and quite a few other “imaginatively” named websites (I realize sarcasm translates very poorly through the written word – hence the quotation marks). The number of these copy-cat websites is growing (seemingly) by the day – so much so that there is almost guaranteed to be one such website selling choice as deals that even you don’t know about! (After such an outrageous call I looked into it and found ilovedeals.co.nz – new to me…!) I can also tell by the decreased amount of time it now takes to load the 1-day website at (or around) 12pm (it used to take approximately 42 years) that the abundance of competition for the spontaneously-minded consumer’s dollar is providing some cause for attention for 1-day. AND their deals are getting increasingly more crap (no jockey hudders for quite some time…)

The more-recent phenomenon – the growing gaggle of experience/entertainment-based deal websites… is even MORE genius! No stock to hold equals zero warehouse lease/rent (which the likes of 1-day have) and the small/medium businesses that are offering these deals have guaranteed customers (kapow!) – and, if these patrons forget about their coupon (which I’ve personally done before… that Waiheke Island ferry ticket was money well wasted…), then it’s even easier money!

So, in an effort to encourage a regional economic boost (specific to you of course), and to persuade all you penny-pinchers and non-socialites to get out there and experience what local business has to offer – check out the following websites:





P.S. Act fast on good deals – I almost missed out on $1 Hell Pizzas today.

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