A Long Weekend – By the Numbers

The numbers don’t lie, the weekend just been was a big one. All sorts of numbers were involved in making it a great weekend.

Let’s start with the number three. Three days instead of two. Auckland (and let’s not forget the good people of our Cannabis Capital, Northland) Anniversary Day ensured that there was one extra night to party, one extra morning to sleep in and one extra day to NOT have to worry about work the next day. More importantly, it ensured there was one LESS day to work the following week! This was somewhat counter-acted by the potential for three hangovers BUT… thems the breaks.

A lot of larger, un-confirmed numbers also helped make the weekend what it was. Large numbers such as; the number of standard alcoholic drinks consumed, the number of dollars spent on alcoholic drinks and the number of brain cells killed from alcoholic drinks. None of these large numbers are anything to be proud of. I realize that. But, seeing as how I choose to abide by the “Buffalo Theory” –popularized by the famous American philosopher/postal-carrier Cliff Clavin (of Cheers fame), I now consider myself much smarter and a much faster processer of cognitive thought. Cheers Cliff (excuse the crappy pun)!

Cliff Clavin - Postman Extraordinaire & Part-time Philosopher

Various events revolved around numbers during the long weekend. The following are approximate numbers ONLY:

13 – The number of times my soon-to-be-wed cousin was forced to dance the chicken dance in his beautiful milk maid costume during the initial stages of his stag do.

“All the Boys” (approx. 12) – The amount of a certain type of person that my soon-to-be-wed cousin’s milkshake brings “to the yard”… according to the karaoke challenge that was laid before him. Due to him being a pretty crap milk maid, the milkshake was in fact not worth going to the yard for…

250 –The insufficient number of runs a woeful NZ batting line-up could manage chasing down Pakistan’s total of 293. Yet again, the pain of being a Black Caps supporter deepens.

KFC Wicked Wings = Awesome

24 – The number of Wicked Wings bought (between three of us) the day after the stag do. This, of, course, was accompanied by plenty of Potato & Gravy and fries. This food served as comfort for both the hangover and the dismal cricketing performance mentioned above.

6 – The number of races run during Sunday’s Karaka Million at Ellerslie. Coincidentally, this number corresponds with the number of unsuccessful bets place by yours truly. It is also the number of times I resorted to drowning my betting sorrows at the conveniently-placed bar.

9’s – The number to which a large number of ladies were dressed up to at the races. We attended the Pimm’s Garden Party and I have never seen so much fake tan and make-up since living (and working in the hairdressing industry) in Sydney. Crazy.

10 – The amount of minutes spent mountain-biking (the next morning) at Woodhill before I realized that one Red Bull was just not enough after a big night at the races.

3 – The minimum amount of Red Bull’s I’d recommend taking on a mountain-biking mission to Woodhill after a big night at the races.

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