Speedblog Challenge: The Journey So Far…

So, it has only just dawned on me that sufficient time for drafting blog updates, refining, posting, adding links/photos/silly jokes-of-a-literal-nature is VERY limited. So much so that this blog is part of a TEN MINUTE CHALLENGE. That is, I have ten minutes remaining to put together a readable version of Amber and my trip so far. This restriction is partly for fun, but mostly because of prepaid internet usage (kindly provided by the hospitable entity that is Brisbane Airport) being limited to the $2 I was kindly supplied by a fellow traveller after a shop assistant’s refusal because they need to sell something before the register opens – meaning getting change for a fiver proved more difficult than attempting to convince Shane Warne to be content with his natural hair colour (appropriate as I’m still in Oz).

Anyhow, enough stupid banter (I now only have 5 minutes left). Our journey so far in chronological order:

  • Emirates = Awesome. As soon as they came around with refresher towels I knew we were onto a winner. And THEN they provided us with a menu. Fantastic service, great food and humongous movie selection. TIP: Invest in some decent noise-cancelling/reducing earphones – especially if you’re sitting directly behind the engine.
  • NOTE: Speedblog Challenge FAIL. My time ran out far too fast (I’m sure this internet kiosk’s timer is on performance-enhancing drugs). It’s now officially ANZAC day so a massive respect, high-five and moment of silence for those that fought for our country so bravely way back then.
  • Caught up with our good friends Pete & Anushka, who have a nice place in Robina. When I asked Pete whether Anushka’s enlarged stomach-region was a boy or a girl he said “It’s a bloke”. Apparently little baby Graham (Don’t worry ladies – the lad has actually yet to be named) is going to be a mechanic.
  • The olds and accompanying whanau are very well and missing little ol’ Un Zud. Easter was spent drinking far too much courtesy of Dad’s mate Moose and his Fantastic Fridge (almost worthy of a separate blogpost altogether… I will ponder).
  • The Airtrain is the “way forward” for getting from Brisbane airport to the Gold Coast. Despite the captive-pricing making any trip to/from the airport a little expensive, it means you can jump straight on the train after clearing customs and sit back for 1.5 hours, listen to that album you’ve just bought off iTunes (2-3 times) and hop off easy peasy.
  • ANOTHER NOTE: Due to severe lack of sleep, 1x weak mocha and a slight hangover, this post may seem a little “all over the place”. No doubt I’ll re-read it soon, once I’m operating at 100%, and realise it should never have been pushed past my editor in order to have something for you all. I hope that made sense.
  • TIP: Should your Brisbane-departing flight be at an unfriendly hour (2:30am) and you think that the Airtrain is the best way to get there from the Gold Coast… think again. The last train leaving Varsity Lakes/Robina for Brizzie Airport leaves before 6pm. This means you arrive at the airport at 7:30pm. This also means you have a 4-hour wait until you can even think about checking in for the 2:30am flight. It has been decided (retrospectively) that the better option would have been to hire a car one-way (cheaper than 2x one-way tickets on the train… possibly) and drive up at a more convenient time. Lesson learnt.

No pics this time sorry – time constraints and all that. Next post will be from a less-familiar country. Peace out.

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1 Response to Speedblog Challenge: The Journey So Far…

  1. Dan says:

    Good work bro, hey what’s your best contact number now you’ve flown? wanna email or text it to me? chur!

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