Comforting Notions for the Lesser Travelled

Each time I recently posted photos from Amber and my Awesome Adventure, I could hear it. Each photo depicting either or both of us somewhere tropical, far-flung and/or cliche-but-man-I-want-to-go-there must have brought about a guttural “get f****d”, “bloody show off”, “lucky for some” from a select few. These rants may or may not be followed by an overly-dramatic shut down of the laptop in exasperation, maybe a walk to the fridge to grab another calm-down beer or possibly a quick trawl of the photos just to check if the photo-putter-upperer experienced any nasty falls… or a bite from an angry venomous snake cooped up in a wooden box in Koh Samui. The reason I know all of this for sure is… that used to be me.

This is not to say things have changed too dramatically. This would necessitate me attaining a level of maturity – involving the ability to see logical and sensible reason far beyond the extreme, wavering nature of human emotion. Bugger that. Despite the amazing destinations our travels have taken us, I still experience the same envy of people having fun and experiencing places/events/circus-freak-riding that I haven’t. I still label these people “dicks” (based solely on jealousy) and sulk in a corner for the next 5-6 minutes. This is usually followed by a reluctant viewing of their sixty million photos of their weekend in Budapest. Followed by the overwhelming urge to have my own weekend in Budapest.

Whoops, how did this photo get in here?? Seriously, I mean it, it's not all litre-steins-of-awesome-beer and non-stop fun... kind of.

The comforting thought we ALL must realise is… no-one takes photos of the stressing traveller trying to find a place to sleep, or hungover and grumpy on an eight-hour bus trip (actually… I’ve seen some of those photos…), or experiencing gastroenteritis on a crappy below-deck cabin in the Aegean Sea. Even IF there’s a picture of this taken, it very rarely makes it to facebook. Well, not by the person in the picture anyway.

It is with this knowledge I’m making an effort to appease those of you who may have experienced any such facebook-envy or jealousy at having not had similar experiences… yet. I can assure you that, at various stages, Amber and I felt our age and decided that maybe backing up a “semi-big” night with a pub crawl, that STARTED at 1am in the morning, was not an attractive idea. We welcomed the fact we’re not big on “doof doof” music, large groups of shrieking teenage Australian girls or tour guides with egos bigger than Matthew Ridge’s… chin. We’re well over large dorm rooms, arrogant French people and Australian tourists. Did I mention Australian tourists? I have a theory that they’re the new wave of what was stereo-typically loud, obnoxious American tourists… but that generalization has yet to take off.

All I’m saying is… it isn’t all smiles, wonderment and life-changing travel. It mostly IS, but I’m sure you’ll be glad I’m attempting to make you feel better about it all. Now I’m off to meticulously plan our next adventure. Maybe Bruges… or Amsterdam… hmmmmmmm.

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2 Responses to Comforting Notions for the Lesser Travelled

  1. leticia says:

    i was really enjoying this post Royce… making me feel better about my lack of travels! but then you go and ruin it but bagging out the Aussies!! haha one day soon I’m gonna be one of those annoying Aussie tourists 🙂 hope you and Amber are well!

    • theroyce says:

      Hehe I thought that comment may prove controversial… But don’t worry Tesh, you’ll be one of the exceptions to the rule I’m sure. We met heaps of cool Aussies 🙂 I’m sure that, during June/july, approx. HALF of Australia is on holiday in Europe!

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