Back on the Metaphorical Horse

I know, I know… it’s been TOO long! You’d probably forgot you’d even subscribed to be updated by my incessant ramblings, tangent-taking turns and perpetually perplexing pontifications (sorry, I got caught up in pointless alliteration). Well… Tahdah! I’m back and I’m spell-checking, synonym searching and, as always, talking not-so-credible crap.

First of all, 2012! Wow, that’s come out of nowhere. I wasn’t prepared for this. I spent most of 2010 dreaming absent-mindedly about eating pizza in Italy, drinking beer in Germany, lazing on beatiful Croatian coastlines and trying my darndest to get a reaction out of the Queen’s guard in London by making fart noises in my hands. Then, 2010 came and went and then BOOM, 2011 came with a force I can only liken to those “losing your tummy” moments when you were younger and the family car you were travelling in the back of suddenly dipped and rose on that notoriously crap piece of road heading east towards Matata in the sunny BOP (Can’t relate? Weird) and your stomach was suddenly removed from your lower torso and you couldn’t wait for it to happen again… I guess what I mean to say is that 2011 caught me by complete surprise and hurtled me through so many different cities, cultures, scenery, emotions, languages, carbon-copy souvenir shops and long bus/train/plane rides… that it all seems unreal and that maybe, just maybe, it’s all been just a dream (like the Neverending Story or The Labrinth… or a bad dream – Like Nickelback). And now Ams and I are home and back to the slow-headbutt-against-a-brick-wall that is real life. And we’re loving it. Not the headbutting bit… that, again, is metaphorical.

I mean it. 2012 is gunna be bigger than 2011. No, seriously, it’s a leap year so… 24 hours bigger in fact (sorry for the crap Dad-joke). So far, I’ve found a really cool job I can see myself grabbing hold of and making my female-dog-word, managed to catch the small glimpse of nice weather in an apparently, and relative to years past, crap NZ summer and we have all sorts of wedding-related events coming up (other people’s weddings)… which, of course, involves heaps of family and friends and the odd refreshing beer. A very honorable mention in the wedding category goes out to Phil & Diane who tied the matrimonial knot last month! Awesome day with awesome people.

Yip, 2012 is gunna be an absolute cracker. If anyone knows of any 2-bedroom places going for rent in Ellerslie please let me know AND, should anyone want to, is thinking about, or is planning a trip to India – check out my mate Paul’s sweet as blog here.

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