A Momentary Absence of Awesome

I’ve gotta learn to under-promise and over-deliver. Just as the guy you work with, who has an impeccably clean desk and freshly-pressed 100% cotton shirts, probably has a bedroom resembling an up-turned clothing bin in Queen St Maccas at 1am on a Sunday… I’ve realised I’m pretty frickin’ awesome at spouting off potential awesomeness and then following through with a fistful of bugger all (note the subtle hinting that I may or may not be so “all talk, without the walk” at work). For all of my faults, this perturbs me most. I blame it on my primary school teachers who perpetually filled in my school reports with last-gasp entries such as “can do better”, “good, but could be great” and “he’s a little sh*t” (I think that teacher definitely had me mistaken for someone else… but I have no definite evidence to the contrary). These literary knives in my classroom successes (or rather – lack thereof) have effectively sealed my fate as a perennial under-achiever in the game of life. Well… most of the time anyway.

Since announcing a get-back-on of the “metaphorical” horse in my previous post, there has been a distinct slack-off in my anecdotal updates. This, I’ve found, is directly proportional to the goings on in the life of Royce. Don’t get me wrong, good friends have had amazing weddings (This time the shout-out goes to Dan and Alicia [previously “The Bicklens”] who had an awesome sunset ceremony a couple weeks ago and I had the incredible, nervous honour of singing the gorgeous bride down the aisle), advantageous positions of fruitful employment have been gained, automobiles have been bought and… we’ve found somewhere to live! Auckland… clocked!

I guess I’ve chosen not to emulate the mind-numbing clogging of one’s time that comes from various facebook users (you all know them and you’ve all hidden their posts and sighed a welcome sigh of relief at not needing to hear about what they had on their toast/where they’re having fun that you’re NOT [guilty as charged] and what their son/daughter has just eaten when they probably shouldn’t have). I’ve started a number of rambling posts that won’t (and should not ever) see the online light of an online day… not that this one is much better…

But, just like my beloved AB’s sometimes lose (perish the thought) to the frickin’ Wallabies, just like a mean as night on the beers turns into a less-than-mean-as day after, just as your awesome jokes fall flat the 23rd time you tell them to the same people… there has been a definite absence of awesomeness from this corner.

All there is to say is that, due to life resuming some level of normality in the near future (hopefully), all the everyday twists and turns will be foregone and I’ll return my discerning eye to over-analysing otherwise-boring stuff… because that’s what I enjoy writing about. And, last but not least, Ams and I are back in Auckland. SO, if you’re in our neck of the woods (Stonefields – near Remuera/Ellerslie/St Johns…ish), come and visit and I’ll make sure there’s a cold beer or hot (instant… for now) coffee ready for you.

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3 Responses to A Momentary Absence of Awesome

  1. Chucky says:

    That’s awesome Royce! I’ve never seen such an astute ability to create a compelling and rich account of…. nothing much. It held me captivated though.

  2. Simon says:

    So where and when can i have this cold beer?????

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