About Royce

I started this blog to record moments, events, thoughts and words about the life of Royce (Me).

If you don’t enjoy reading the blog you can blame my family and friends for their positive feedback (if you’re reading this blog you’re probably family or a friend, so… blame yourself too).

Points you will note include:

  • I really enjoy going out for meals and drinks – hence the restaurant reviews/recommendations.
  • A lot of the blog is somewhat self-indulgent and for that I make no apology.
  • “Life In General” is actually just a generic title for various thoughts, moot points and diary-like observations

I hope you enjoy reading the burbling of a likeable-yet-fallable Kiwi male trying to find significance in a big ol’ world. Failing that, read what you will and hopefully you may have a laugh, maybe go “oooh, I didn’t know that” or find some useful info that serves you well in the future. Here’s hoping.




2 Responses to About Royce

  1. Zoe says:

    Hi Royce. Just wanted to say – your blog is wicked. I stumbled on your blog by accident, but I too am from Ellerslie and got reading about the locals and had a wee chuckle. Then I got nosey and have read most of your posts. You are a great writer and it’s really cool to see a little Kiwi commenting on life’s little things in other parts of the world… Thanks for making my Wednesday a little more cheerful, good luck and keep it up 🙂 Zoe

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