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A Momentary Absence of Awesome

I’ve gotta learn to under-promise and over-deliver. Just as the guy you work with, who has an impeccably clean desk and freshly-pressed 100% cotton shirts, probably has a bedroom resembling an up-turned clothing bin in Queen St Maccas at 1am … Continue reading

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Everyday Joys & the Impending Awesomeness

As our departure date draws near (14 sleeps!) I’m starting to notice the little things I’ll miss about day-to-day life here in NZ’s “Super City” (Speaking of which, I’m unsure what super powers Auckland is supposed to have? Possibly the … Continue reading

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Velvet Burger, Fort Street, AKL CBD

The growing chain of burger joints offering $10+ burgers was, at first, alarming to me. Growing up, the choice of burgers was either 1. McDonalds or 2. those sloppy-yet-loveable offerings that I was allowed, once in a while, from the … Continue reading

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Deus Ex Machina and the GC

For those not yet acquainted with Deus Ex Machina, and its exceptional blend of good coffee, comfortable couches, amazingly cool motorbikes and general awesomeness, YOU are in for a real treat. For those of you that are familiar with “Deus”, … Continue reading

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