Maturity via Cleaner Clothes

Wow… sh*t is getting real.

house_drawing_1Ams and I just bought a frickin’ house. And we’re going to live in it. And we’re going to start building a life… all kind of proper-like.

You’ll all know life doesn’t come with neatly packaged pieces of a finite amount. You’ll also know that there’s no one-for-all instruction manual which dictates the order you go about building towards the final product… which then turns out the same for all. You (should) also know that I’m clearly alluding to Lego, which is a frickin’ amazing toy and the day I got my first Fire Station set (complete with a helicopter clearly capable of putting out fires at heights insurmountable by its land-based counterparts) was a day I will treasure forever. Heck, my Dad even put it in a bigger Christmas-present-type box identical to that of my sister’s present so I thought we were both getting the same present. She opened hers first and it was an “Oopsie Daisy” doll. The elation I felt on realizing my present wasn’t ALSO a stupid plastic doll-that-fell-over-and-cried-routinely was very similar to when… our house went all… unconditional (see how I brought it back to the actual topic?). Boom.

stock-footage-clothes-drying-on-washing-lineFurther to this we’re now looking at buying… a washing machine. I know. A frickin’ washing machine.

I’d only just got over the purchase of a lounge suite, microwave and frickin’ “hall” table (apparently these are similar to normal tables but slightly narrower and sits in… the hall… go figure)  some 12 months ago, when Amber decided we needed to buy a washing machine. I responded with the normal ape-like, grunty “Ay?!”. You know… brow down, face aghast and beer at an alarming near-tipping angle. To be fair, I was watching rugby and all I heard was “buy a…”. I was hoping she might be alluding to a bigger TV but… ’twas not to be.

However, after much introspection, soul-searching, two more beers and a nap, I now realise one must bite the proverbial bullet and allow such grown-up purchases to occur. Don’t you worry, I’ll defend my right to wear the same t-shirt two days-in-a-row right down to my dying breath, but one must have clean clothes. The main thing, for me anyway,  is that this must not set a precedent. I’m as wary of throw rugs as I am boat shoes… and resting 50 frickin’ pillows on each and every bed in the house. But I do have an Ace up my sleeve. We still don’t have a decent stereo system. And I need a new mountain bike.

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3 Responses to Maturity via Cleaner Clothes

  1. Alicia says:

    This just makes me smile!!!

  2. dnecklen says:

    Nice work brosiv! Yeah Lego. Congrats again!!

  3. Sarah says:

    I like this one! & have missed your blogs! more please!

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