Everyday Joys & the Impending Awesomeness

As our departure date draws near (14 sleeps!) I’m starting to notice the little things I’ll miss about day-to-day life here in NZ’s “Super City” (Speaking of which, I’m unsure what super powers Auckland is supposed to have? Possibly the power to inexplicably clog previously-clear passages of road in the blink of an eye? or the power to turn a small-town, quarter-aged young man into what he previously described as a “yuppy”? Who knows…). I remember being very determined (in my more naïve days) that I would never become a “JAFA”, but now I reckon it’s not so bad. After all, I am only a temporary JAFA… or “JAFA of convenience”.

Our weekly “GC”* meetings have been a highlight. Every Friday at 7am, three-to-four like-minded young professionals/mates meet at Shed 5 (formerly Deus Ex Machine), enjoy breakfast and/or a coffee/tea and enjoy… talking crap. Now, that’s not to say nothing productive comes out of these meetings, it just so happens that nothing YET productive has eventuated – apart from many a belly chuckle and the odd over-cooked bacon rind refusing to go down without a fight. Despite the early morning start, these catch-up sessions have proven a great start to the eve of another weekend.

Easy access to good flat whites is another thing I’ll miss. Even in my (somewhat) beloved home town of Tauranga a good coffee is not easily come by (However the weekend just gone has DOUBLED the café-count of guaranteed good coffee to…two!). A 10 minute stroll in any direction from my office on lower Hobson Street will lead me to delicious caffeine hit and (usually) a friendly smile – I’ve even become well-known enough to my pick-of-the-local cafes to always get chocolate fish with my order/s! This 10am mission is well-documented here.

There are a huge amount of little things I’ll miss too:

  • The general banter in our office. This includes (but is not limited to) a certain colleague’s “Vibe-assessing” visits into the office, the overly-loud “Bless you”, fake “throws” of my rugby stress-ball that make my office-mate flinch, over-acting to any request to help/assist with… anything, mock anger in the form of hitting the desk loudly and… the list goes on.
  • Breakfast/Lunch at Melba in Ellerslie. Check it here.
  • Having lame drag-races with fellow commuters at the staggered green lights that control the Ellerslie off-ramp at peak drive-times. Lame for quite a few reasons but mainly because it ends in less than 50 metres when both vehicles (eventually) squeeze/merge/barge their way into the slow-moving, city-bound queue of crawling automobiles.
  • The flatties! As much as I disapprove of selected TV-viewing habits, all co-habitants have had to withstand my crappy jokes, sporadic cleanliness and over-enthusiastic, half-cut/drunken rugby “viewing”. Great bunch of people and friends for life.

Two weeks from now Amber & I will be on our first leg of a big adventure. Mean as bro!

*The term “GC” is open to interpretation. We prefer the “General Commitee” or “Good C*nts”.

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2 Responses to Everyday Joys & the Impending Awesomeness

  1. J Man says:

    Best one yet The Royce, for me that is. Maybe it is true, practise makes perfect. Hope your Holiday updates are chur, and should be because practise makes perfect.


  2. Dan says:

    nice post mate, a single tear rolled down my cheek!

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